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PHP is the simplest language used for web development. It is easy to understand and learn this web programming language, especially for those with background in C, JavaScript and HTML. Now PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting languages in the world. It is used for creating dynamic WebPages that interact with the user offering customized information. PHP is a fast, secure, easy to use, stable and open source programming language. So, even though simple, PHP is the widely used language in web development. This also in turn creates a lot of opportunities to skilled PHP Programmers.

To start a career in PHP Programming, you need to get an advanced PHP training as per the industrial standards. Programming is a skilled profession, and the practical exposure you gain in this field is considered far better than simply doing your theoretical class room PHP Course as most of the training institutes are providing.



HTML 5, DocType, Basic Tags,
Implement Hyperlink, Image, Table, List Tags, working with controls- calendar, date, time,
email,Working with Form Elements,
Use Input Controls- Implement content-specific elements

Define JavaScript,Create and Manipulate Variables,
Implement Functions,JavaScript Events,
Developing Popup Boxes,
Implement Form Validation,
Working with External Javascript File

Define CSS3, Create Selectors, Combining Selectors, Attribute Selectors,
Use Box Model, Implementing Backgrounds and Borders,
Use Text effects, Implementing Animations,
Working with Multiple Columns,
Explore User Interface ,
Working with External StyleSheet File

Install and Configure WAMP on Windows,
Install and Configure Web Editor Tool Adobe Dreamweaver,
Manage WAMP control panel and configuration

Web Concepts, Introduction to PHP,
Basic PHP Syntax, Basic Data types,
Working with Operators,
Working with Conditional Control Structures,
Working with Loop Structures

Create Single-Dimensional,
Multidimensional and Associative Arrays,
Looping through Arrays,
Working with Array Functions

Working with String Functions
Date – Time Functions and custom functions

Working with Forms
Forms Submissions with GET and POST methods
Implementing Super Global Array,
Combine HTML and PHP code,
Scripts to Access User Input and Uploaded Files

Web Features
Server Side File Input-Output operations,
Redirecting Users to other pages,
Using header function,
Sending an email

Session and Cookies
How Sessions work,
Working with Session Variables,
Creating and Deleting Cookies,
Working with the Query String

Object Oriented Programming
Class and Object,Constructors and Destructors,
Working with Inheritance,
Working with Abstract Class and Interface,
Working with Function over riding,
Working with Class Constants,
Working with Access Specifiers,
Working with Static members,
Working with Exception Handling

Working with Database
The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Managing outlets and actions
Using segments,switches, sliders etc
Accessing date and time using picker
Keypad hide for textfield and textview

Multi-view applications
What is RDBMS and MYSQL,
Connecting to MYSQL, Create Database and Table,
Insert, Update and Delete Data, Working with Select Queries,
Implementing SQL Constraints, Working with Aggregate Functions,
Working with Group by and Order by,
Working with Join and Sub query,
Creating Stored Procedures, Import and Export Database

PHP-MYSQL Integration
PHP-MYSQL Integration Functions,
Create a database application using PHP,
Working with Mysql Stored Procedures,
Working with Login and Registration Applications,
Introduction to MVC, Implementing 3 Tier Database applications,
Implementing Pagination, Working with File Importing statements,
Working with Prepared Statement.

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