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Euroinfotech Software Solutions, a Leading Mobile Apps and Website Design & Development Company, Kerala with 12+ years Industry updates and credibility from many Satisfied Clients around the world. We had Developed many Websites and 50+ Mobile Apps. We provides Industry Exposure/ Internship to Freshers.

EuroInfotech Software Solutions leading iPhone Apps and Website Design & Development company Kochi, Kerala provides internship programme in iOS / iPhone / iPad Apps Development. Learn from the developer, that the speciality you can seen in this programme. EuroInfotech Software Solutions had a sound identity in Apps store and iTunes with our number of iPhone / iPad Apps.
Programe will shape you to develop a real time iPhone / iPad Apps, Apps store submission, releasing and Apps management. It will secure your entry to iPhone / iPad Apps development industry.


About Apple
History, Evolution of Apple, MAC OS and iOS
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices overview
Introduction to App store and application development

Architecture of Xcode IDE
Workflow of Application development
Introduction to Xcode workspace and Interface Builder

Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Installation, Configuration
OS X Mountain Lion in depth
Additional features from OS X Lion

Objective C
Evolution of Objective C
Comparison of procedural and object oriented language
Class concepts in Objective C

Object fundamentals and model classes
Objects and object reference
saving and retrieving data using model class

Class method and instance methods declaration
Object messaging with parameters
Getter/ setter methods

Protocols Declaration
Protocols Definitions

Memory management
Object fundamentals and model classes
Objects and object reference
saving and retrieving data using model class

Class method and instance methods declaration
Object messaging with parameters
Getter/ setter methods

Error Handling
Exception handling

Variable Visibility
Scope and life of variable
Different types of variable visibility

The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Managing outlets and actions
Using segments,switches, sliders etc
Accessing date and time using picker
Keypad hide for textfield and textview

Multi-view applications
Navigation based apps
Applications with tabs
Managing multiple views and model classes in detail

Using Storyboards
Fundamentals in Storyboard based development
Mutliple Storyboards vs Single Storyboards
Prototype Cell based UITable in Storyboards

Apps with tableview
Custom tableview cell
Managing table data
Integrating with web service
Respond to row selection
Tableview edit and delete

Apple Push Notification Service - APNS
Cocept of push notification
Handling Push receipt

Persistent Storage
App sandbox
Standard App directories
Sharing files with iTunes

Audio and Video
Include Movieplayer
Manage movieplayer notifications
Include backgound audio

AddressBook API
Addressbook concepts
Including addressbook database and UI
Accessing data from addressbook database

Managing data in database
DDL and DML statements
Attributes and datatypes
Introduction to SQLite
SQLite functions and result codes

Universal AppsDeveloping universal Apps
Managing multiple views in universal Apps
iPad features in depth

Web service
Web service Development

Apps Management
Apps developer account
Certificate Creations
Apps Store submission, releasing, promotion
Apps management

Who can join Mobile Application Development Training Course? Any graduate or post graduate who knows the basic programming methods will benefit from this course. It is highly recommended for fresher's and IT professionals, website designers, web developers and the like. Qualification wise any technical or non technical qualifications that fall in diplomas, post-graduates.

For more enquiries: +91 98479 31669